Improved performance and MPG

Blackcode Remaps
from just £250 (excluding VAT)

Black Codes

Partnered with Black Code remaps we offer high-end specialist remapping options.

Qualified Technicians

Our technicians are fully qualified to perform remaps on any make and model to ensure peace of mind.

Economy Improvements

by up to

Power Increases

by up to

We are now happy to be offering Black Code remapping. With maps available for both Economy improvements and Power increases we can cater for all of your requirements. Our fully qualified technicians will firstly check your vehicles ECU for any faults that may be present, before 'flashing' the ECU and then sending it have a custom remap configured specifically for your vehicle.

The maps are designed not to over burden your vehicle but to expoit the available performance and economy that your vehicle is currently capable of.

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